Interest: Technology

Group: Software Engineering

Office: NEW YORK

Interest: Technology

Group: Software Engineering

Office: NEW YORK

Then and Now

The engineering program and the Core Curriculum at Columbia gave me a diverse and strong foundation for building on and developing the skills I need for my work at BlackRock. I graduated with a good grasp of the fundamentals of development: concepts like data structures, database theory, interface design, operating systems, plus micro- and macro-economic theory and finance. The teams I’ve worked for have touched on every one of those fields, so having that exposure turned out to be vital to my being able to quickly learn new aspects of our business, communicate with my team, and implement new ideas.

Favorite Part of The Job

I’ve never felt like I was doing the same thing over and over again at BlackRock. Every day is different, and gives me an opportunity to learn something new, and the people and overall culture here have always encouraged me to do just that.

Senior Level Access

When I started at BlackRock, one of the things that surprised me most was how closely everyone works. And that’s not just proximity. People of all levels are literally collaborating on projects and assignments daily. It’s nice to have that access on a daily basis, especially as a software developer, where I can always learn more from people who have been here longer.

BlackRock’s Graduate Program

The two year rotational program I have been a part of through the Aladdin and Technology group has given me the chance to experience and gain a deep understanding of different teams and aspects of our business, plus a variety of technologies. These ranged from order and trade management to accounting and reporting. Every experience has been unique, and through the course of them all, my knowledge base and skill set have compounded. It was also a rare opportunity to build a valuable network of mentors and peers with my teammates across the firm.

Outside the Office

I like staying active with physical hobbies like basketball and rock-climbing, or frequent exploratory treks around New York City. There’s just so much here, and I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface.

Last Word

I come in every day knowing that the work we do here is really shaping the business world. It’s awesome to feel like you’re a part of something bigger and having a positive impact.

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