Interest: Corporate

Group: Business Operations

Office: LONDON

Interest: Corporate

Group: Business Operations

Office: LONDON

Then and Now

I think my education at University helped me to become a quick learner and develop the skills necessary to react efficiently in changing situations. It’s a skill that’s become quite useful at a company as fast-moving as BlackRock, where client service is an ongoing process.  I’m still fresh out of school, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the amount of freedom and responsibility I’ve already been given.

Favorite Part of The Job

Being able to work closely with my own clients has been an incredible experience, as intimidating as it was initially. My managers seem to know exactly how much I can handle, and have a good understanding of when and when not to step in. It’s a nice feeling to know that you are a trusted member of a team as intelligent as the one I work with.

Senior Level Access

I’m still extremely surprised to get pulled into meetings by my manager so frequently. These meetings often include very senior members of the company. Not only am I brought in to observe, but my views are always heard and respected, and I leave with a feeling that I contribute to the discourse.

BlackRock’s Graduate Program

The Graduate Program is definitely key to the success of analysts transitioning from University, since we all get to meet one another and meet some of BlackRock’s most important figures. It’s a great chance to interact and gain an understanding of how the firm works as a whole, and is a perfect welcome for new hires.

Outside the Office

Whether it’s playing or spectating, I am a very keen fan of sports. I might even be called a fanatic, but it’s a healthy obsession.

Last Word

I feel like BlackRock goes against the grain of a huge financial organization, and shows that such a large firm can still feel personal and friendly. One thing that really stands out for me is knowing that, as much as I rely on other members of my team, they’re relying on me, as well. As part of the team, I feel valued, and don’t want to let this trust slip, so it’s really a feeling of camaraderie and collaboration in every sense.

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