Interest: Analytics & Risk

Group: Aladdin Client Services

Office: LONDON

Interest: Analytics & Risk

Group: Aladdin Client Services

Office: LONDON

Then and Now

My Bachelor’s in Business Management and Master’s in Corporate Finance helps me understand the financial industry and the larger BlackRock business. My current position in Aladdin Client Services is the client’s first point of contact for any questions, training or issues clients may encounter when using Aladdin, our end-to-end investment management platform. I work closely with other teams in the Aladdin Business to ensure that our clients are happy.

Favorite Part of The Job

Within the ‘One BlackRock’ culture, there is a true spirit of collaboration and inclusion. Everyone, regardless of their background, can have a say or be part of an exciting project. If you have a question about any topic, just ask and someone will help you out. Being able to communicate with other teams is also key in navigating the different types of client questions. You need to know how to convey complex information in a simple way. Having a can-do attitude and an appetite to learn is also beneficial.

BlackRock’s Graduate Program

What gets me out of bed in the morning is I knowing I will learn new things today. My work is never boring and whatever challenges come my way, this is a great learning experience. For example, I write SQL queries to find information in our database and run scripts in Unix to troubleshoot problems. Over time, I have become quite good at it and when I mention that to my friends and family, they have a hard time believing me since I don’t have technology background, but rather learned this on the job after starting!

Outside the Office

When I’m not working, I really enjoy cooking and baking, either for friends, family or colleagues!

The BlackRock Way

BlackRock offers so many different types of opportunities. From meeting graduates from all over the world during the orientation program in New York, to networking internally during social events, to on the job learning. There is something for everyone here.

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