Jun Deok

Interest: Client Businesses

Group: Business Management

Office: TOKYO

Interest: Client Businesses

Group: Business Management

Office: TOKYO

Then and Now

I majored in economics in school, which honed my interest in finance. But what really helped me was working on group projects that involved people from different backgrounds with different ideas. This for me was the best preparation for the work environment at BlackRock. Now I cover business management and strategic initiatives across our channels, and it really requires me to work collaboratively with others and drive projects when necessary.

Favorite Part of The Job

Working at BlackRock has offered me several things that have been important in developing my career. I feel like I really get recognized for the hard work I do, I get to work with a ton of talented people, and there’s actually a lot of internal flexibility if you decide you want to try something else within the firm. The people here really strive to bring out the best in us.

Senior Level Access

My second week on the job, I was involved in a project that required me to work directly with two very senior level people on my team. The idea was really intimidating at first, but working so closely with that kind of knowledge and experience resource was incredible. And at no point did I feel like my opinions or ideas were any less important than theirs.

BlackRock’s Graduate Program

I participated in the New Grad Program in 2009. It was great to visit the New York office, learn about BlackRock, and build relationships with over 100 new grads across the world. Even though they’re on other teams or in other offices, I’ve worked with the colleagues I met in the orientation more times than I can count.

Outside the Office

Outside of work, I really like skiing. Traveling is also a huge passion for me, and the work life balance BlackRock supports has allowed me to stay pretty actively involved with both of those hobbies.

BlackRock Causes

I’m a member of the WIN (Women’s’ Initiative Network) – It’s a great opportunity to interact with people from different departments through various events, like having guest speakers from other companies. I’m also a part of the YEP (Year End Party Committee). In Japan, the Year End Party is one of the biggest firm-wide events. Beyond regular planning, sometimes we make fun short films with BlackRock employees to show at the party. It’s a great opportunity to bring the firm together, and make sure everyone has a good time.

Learn about the Women’s Initiative Network.

Last Word

If you want a job that gives you a good amount of responsibility as soon as you join, this is a great place to be. Also, if you work hard, it doesn’t go unnoticed, and the people here are really easy and enjoyable to be around. I couldn’t imagine a better way to start a career.

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