Interest: Client Businesses

Group: Business Management

Office: NEW YORK

Interest: Client Businesses

Group: Business Management

Office: NEW YORK

Then and Now

I majored in finance at Emory, but also have a background in liberal arts. I think my passion for learning about markets and the economy, combined with my love of writing, have been key in my current role at BlackRock. Now I’m part of a team that provides the tools and resources our sales teams need to market our products effectively. We also make sure the messaging is consistent across all of our offerings.

Favorite Part of The Job

The people, hands down. My group is my second family, and I mean that in a good way. The people at BlackRock form a collective culture that is warm and entrepreneurial. I’m not afraid to share my ideas to improve the business, even with senior executives. I also love that every time I walk into a meeting I am challenged, because I work with incredibly bright colleagues.

Senior Level Access

I joined BlackRock right out of undergrad, so I was nervous at first to interact with senior members of the firm.  I can genuinely say that access to senior leadership has impacted my career in a huge way. Strong ideas are valued and respected, and I’ve never been turned down when it comes to sharing an idea or asking for advice. Often, the two go hand-in-hand.

BlackRock’s Graduate Program

The most helpful part of the Grad Program was the number of connections I made. Knowing fellow analysts in the majority of the groups at BlackRock has really made my life and work exponentially easier. It made settling in much easier, and gives the incoming analysts something to bond over.

Outside the Office

Maintaining work-life balance is priority number one for me. I think part of exceling at work is being able to enjoy activities outside of the workplace. I love to travel and you can often find me on a plane to a fun new city. I really enjoy cycling, hiking, skiing, boating – anything to get out into nature.  I am also deeply committed to helping run an external non-profit organization that supports LGBT undergraduates that are interested in business – I’m a big believer in paying it forward!

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Last Word

BlackRock is a great place where you can learn, ask questions, and learn some more. I work hard, I enjoy my life, and I would recommend this firm to anyone looking to do the same.

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