Interest: Corporate

Group: Marketing & Communications

Office: NEW YORK

Interest: Corporate

Group: Marketing & Communications

Office: NEW YORK

Then and Now

At school I had a mixed learning experience with both liberal arts and business courses. I think the combination helped me build the communications and project managing skills I use in my role at BlackRock now. Our team drives marketing and communications strategy across the firm. We get to work on a wide range of initiatives that build and reinforce the BlackRock brand.

Favorite Part of The Job

One of my favorite parts of the job is the group of people I work with. Everyone here is truly talented and genuinely nice to be around. On top of that, there are some tremendous opportunities that come with working at a global firm. I feel like I have a good deal of responsibility here.

Senior Level Access

Many people may find it surprising to hear about the extensive exposure I have to senior management so early in my career. My role in marketing allows me to work with and learn from talented professionals across regions, functions and channels. I often participate in meetings with leaders across the marketing organization and am frequently asked for my opinion. Managers are approachable and make themselves really available to the junior members of their teams. There’s something to be said about working at a company thirsty to develop its talent by exposing us to people at the senior level.

BlackRock’s Graduate Program

The Graduate Program has above all given me insight into the depth of talent and experience found within BlackRock. My participation in the program has been incredibly positive, and through it I’ve not only made important contacts across departments and geographies, but I’ve also established important and long-lasting friendships.

Outside the Office

I enjoy running, playing soccer, and just experiencing new things in general. I’ve been training for and running marathons since my sophomore year in college, and since joining BlackRock, have been able to continue to train before work and on the weekends. I also play soccer every week with a group of my colleagues. It’s nice to want to spend time with your team outside the office.

BlackRock Causes

I volunteer through BlackRock Gives, the firm-wide giving and volunteering network, and am part of the New York Graduate Philanthropy Committee. There’s a constant stream of company-sponsored volunteer events, but it’s rewarding to help plan and participate in activities with the other analysts from my graduate class.

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Last Word

It’s refreshing to go to work knowing your company is a leader in its field, and yet there’s still so much potential. It sounds cliché, but I really value the fact that that every day at BlackRock is an opportunity to learn something new.

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