Interest: Analytics & Risk

Group: Aladdin Client Services

Office: NEW YORK

Interest: Analytics & Risk

Group: Aladdin Client Services

Office: NEW YORK

Then and Now

I studied finance in college, which helped me gain the knowledge that has been helpful to me in my role at BlackRock. I also tutored students in math to make extra money when I was in school. This experience made me a better communicator because I learned how to clearly communicate solutions and complex issues.

I am an analyst on the Aladdin Client Services team. We are the first line of support for all internal and external users of our Aladdin platform. I help our banks and financial institution clients’ users solve problems, answer questions, and learn how to best use our technology. I also work closely with specialized teams to help troubleshoot some of the user’s issues.

Favorite Part of The Job

The best part of my job is working with a smart, fun, and driven team. There is great team spirit throughout the firm and an awesome company culture.

Senior Level Access

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to work on a high profile project. This was an enriching experience because it was a project outside my day-to-day responsibilities where I shared my opinions and ideas. The leaders inspired me and now one of them is my mentor.

BlackRock’s Graduate Program

BlackRock’s Graduate Program was great. It helped me learn about the firm, so I was well equipped to get off to a successful start in my new role. It also gave me the opportunity to build a network of peers and attend informational sessions given by top leaders. Following the program, we were offered additional training and that really eased our transition from school to the workforce.

Outside the Office/BlackRock Causes

I am passionate about giving back to the community.  I am fortunate that I get to fulfill this passion at work through the Analyst Philanthropy Committee. BlackRock gives us a budget to plan philanthropy events and raise money for charities. Outside of the office, I am a mentor to three undergraduate students, who are all doing great in school, which I am very proud of. I am also on the board of a non-profit organization that gives New York City high school students the opportunity to be awarded basketball scholarships.

Last Word

I am lucky that my first job is at firm where I am challenged and always learning. I get to be part of a great culture and work with smart people who want to make a difference in the world. And I know that my contributions are helping shape people’s futures.

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