Interest: Investments

Group: Fixed Income


Interest: Investments

Group: Fixed Income


Then and Now

It’s a big transition from being a student and going to classes every day to starting your career and working in a professional environment. To help you make that transition, BlackRock provides a great environment to learn and opportunities for you to grow professionally.

I am a Product Strategist in BlackRock’s Asia Fixed Income team located in Singapore. We provide a link between portfolio managers and sales teams. In this role, I work with teams around the world to market new and existing products for Asia fixed income.

Favorite Part of The Job

The environment of knowledge sharing: each day starts with experts around the team sharing their views on the markets. Given the market’s dynamic nature, the conversation evolves each day and it’s incredibly interesting to observe how portfolio managers meld seemingly opposing views from analysts, each focused on their own segment, into consistent and coherent positioning so that all of our clients benefit equally from our insights.

Knowing the Numbers

One of the key skills in my role is the ability to synthesize information from a variety of sources. While having the quantitative skills to understand fixed income analytics is crucial, having an appreciation of research analysts’ views on the market is important to help clients gain transparency in portfolio activity. In school, I studied the theory behind the numbers we see every day in finance. In my first role at BlackRock, I learned how to generate these numbers and what they mean in the context of portfolio management. In my new role, I am learning a very important skill on how to bring these numbers to life and how to present them in an intuitive way.

BlackRock’s Graduate Program

I started my career in the Portfolio Analytics Group within BlackRock Solutions® in New York after graduating from the University of Michigan. As part of BlackRock’s Graduate Program, I had the opportunity to network with people from all over the world who were just starting their careers like me. The two years I spent in the Graduate Program gave me a good understanding of fixed income analytics and our technology. Since the same tools and models are used by our investment teams globally, I could quickly apply what I learned to my new role.

Outside the Office

When I’m not working, you’ll find me learning how to play golf. I hope to one day explore the many golf courses in South East Asia. In addition, thanks to online courses offered by universities on the web, it is easy to pick up new fields of study. Currently, I am taking a course on financial programming hosted by the International Monetary Fund.

Last Word

The best part about working at BlackRock is the collaboration and teamwork. It is great being part of a team, working towards a common goal and achieving that goal together. I also like that I get to work with very driven and intellectually curious people.

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