We make active decisions in the Equity market to generate superior returns for our clients through fundamental research and consideration of the macroeconomic environment.

What We Do

The Equities team makes active decisions in the Equity market where their ultimate goal is to generate superior returns for clients through fundamental research into companies and consideration of the macroeconomic environment.

Our team is known for:

  • Active decision making in the Equity market with the aim to generate superior return for our clients
  • Multiple investment approaches to manage our portfolio across a number of different styles, geographies and capitalization ranges
  • Identifying opportunities to seek out inefficiences in stock markets which can be identified and exploited by proprietary fundamental research

What You’ll Do

As an analyst in Equities, you will:

  • Research and understand different sectors across equity markets, learning the key drivers and dynamics specific to each sector
  • Make active investment recommendations to portfolio managers covering a specific region or sector
  • Participate in meetings with senior management at various external companies
  • Across the two year graduate program you will rotate between two teams within the Fundamental Equity division

Qualities we look for:

  • Passion for learning about equities and all areas of Investment management (CFA is encouraged)
  • Active interest in financial markets, business and current affairs
  • Highly articulate and confident dealing with colleagues and clients regardless of seniority
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Additional language skills are a plus


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